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Selected abstracts here!

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7 May: (EXTENDED to 15 MAY)

Early bird registration closes

Abstract submission closes

Registration for all foreign nationals (non-Indian citizens) closes

15 August:

Accommodations close

75% Refunds after this date

15 September:

Late registration closes

Registration is still open here

Abstract submission has closed.

Have the following details ready:

If you are a foreign (non-Indian) citizen:

  1. Passport number (requires 6 months validity beyond duration of visit)
  2. Address
  3. Passport issue and expiry dates, issue location
  4. Date & place of birth
  5. Parents'/guardians' names

If you have a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card, please keep the numbers handy.

These details are mandatory for the issue of a Conference Visa (see below) for all foreign nationals (includes citizens of USA).

Our payment portal accepts national and international Visa and Master cards, as well as several internet banking options. The purchase will be in Indian Rupees (INR) though the USD equivalent amounts are indicated below.

Please note international, high income country participants- you must purchase your IBS membership separately.

Indian & other low-income country participants - your registration fees includes an IBS membership bundled together. You need not make a separate transaction. Your membership details will be sent to you separately. See below for details on membership and its benefits.

If you are unsure if you belong to a low-income/developing country, check here.

Registration fees

Early (Before 15 May 2017 23:59 IST) After 15 May 2017 23:59 IST
Members, Early Non-members, Early Late
High income country students USD 175 (membership purchased separately)

USD 225 USD 275
(foreign nationals cannot apply at this time due to visa restrictions)
High income country professional USD 250 (membership purchased separately) USD 325 USD 350
(foreign nationals cannot apply at this time due to visa restrictions)
Indian/low income country student INR 4400 / USD 65 (includes IBS membership) Not applicable INR 5500 / USD 80 (includes IBS membership)
Indian/low income country professional INR 6700 / USD 100 (includes IBS membership) Not applicable INR 8000 / USD 120 (includes IBS membership)

*Country for registration fees is the country where your income comes from (not citizenship). See scenarios below.

Registration scenarios:

Indian (or low income country) citizen, student studying in the US (or high income country) -pay registration fees for High income country student

Indian (or low income country) citizen, post-doc/faculty/professionalin the US (or high income country) -pay registration fees for High income country professional

US (or high income country) citizen earning salary/fellowship in India (or low income country) - pay Indian/low income country registration fees

If you are a foreign national, please see the Visa requirements below.

If you are unsure if you belong to a low-income/developing country, check here.

Abstract Submission

We accept abstracts for oral and poster presentations. Abstracts must not be longer than 300 words. Abstract submission is handled through another portal. After you complete your registration, at the bottom of your registration receipt, there will be a link to submit an abstract through this portal. At the portal you will have to create a login and make the submission.

If you are submitting an abstract, please keep this information ready:

  1. Title (Limit 20 words)
  2. List of authors & affiliation
  3. Abstract (with introduction, methods, results, and discussion clearly demarcated). Total word limit - 300 words.

Abstract submission is through another portal, and this link will be sent to you automatically, after you complete your registration, with your registration receipt.

Abstract submission process flow:

1. Click on Submit Abstract (Green Button) and it will ask you to login / Sign up

2. Create Author page: - Enter author details such as Name, Email, Phone, organisation and click on "Create Author". It will show a message that author has been created successfully. If you want to add more co-author, you must fill these details on this page before proceeding to submit the abstract (on the next page). 

3. To submit the abstract, click on Next. A new form will open to enter Title, Abstract type, select co-authors that you entered in the previous page (optional), abstract & click on Submit.

Conference Visa

Government of India requires that all foreign nationals intending to participate in a conference in India apply for a CONFERENCE VISA. Towards facilitating this, we are required to collect certain details that will be passed on to the Ministry of External Affairs. These details will then be sent to the visa office where you intend to apply for your conference visa. In order to ensure that the process works smoothly, we request all foreign nationals to submit the required information as part of the registration form (on the DoAttend site).

Please note that since the above process takes a few months to process, we will not be able to take registrations from any foreign nationals after the early registration closes.

If you are a foreign national, early registration is the ONLY way to register for this conference.

Please note that US citizens also require a visa for India.

Talks or Posters

Please understand that there are only 20 slots available for talks while there are about 70 poster slots available. This means that most presentations will be posters. 

Most posters will also be included in a short speed talk in a common symposium where the critical elements of a poster can be presented. Posters will be arranged according to subject/topic such that the symposia participants (invited speakers/talk and poster presenters) can all have meaningful interactions.

IBS Membership

By joining IBS you help to support the mission of this society to foster communication and collaboration between biogeographers in disparate academic fields, increase both the awareness and interests of the scientific community and the lay public in the contributions of biogeographers, and promote the training and education of biogeographers so that they may develop sound strategies for studying and conserving the world's biota.

All memberships are renewable at any time and active for one year. Memberships support IBS activities, including organization of the biennial conferences, travel awards for students to attend the conferences, production of the IBS journal Frontiers of Biogeography, and organization of off-year symposia and conferences. All members whose dues have been paid are entitled to full membership benefits, which include:

1) the opportunity to participate in international meetings of the Society, 
2) discounts (up to 20%) on books published in association with IBS, and select additional book offers, 
3) free online access to post-1995 volumes of four Wiley journals: Journal of BiogeographyGlobal Ecology & BiogeographyDiversity & Distributions, and Ecography, all journals covering aspects of biogeography and ecology,  
4) a 20% discount on access to two additional Wiley-Blackwell journals: Journal of Avian Biology and Oikos
5) reduced publication costs in Frontiers of Biogeography, the open access scientific journal of the IBS, and
6) discounted registration fee for conferences.


Membership categories are RegularStudent, and Developing Country

Regular Membership
$40/year - Regular IBS Membership, suggested for member income levels <45,000 USD. 
$55/year - Regular IBS Membership, suggested for member income levels 45,000 USD to 65,000 USD. 
$70/year - Regular IBS Membership, suggested for member income levels 65,000 USD or more. 
$100/year - IBS Benefactor, for those able to provide increased support for IBS programs. 

Student Membership
Dues for students are $30 per year. Students are defined as undergraduates (= college students), graduate students (= post-graduates), and those who have recently completed a Masters or PhD degree but are not yet employed. 

India IBS special membership - for developing countries adjacent to India (includes India, SriLanka, Nepal, Bangladesh & Bhutan)
A special membership of $15 is available to individuals who are citizens of the countries listed above. The IBS board has created this special category to aid participation from India and neighboring countries. This fee is also bundled with the registration costs that can be paid in a single transaction. 

Other Developing Country Membership
Developing Country Memberships dues of $25 are available to individuals who are citizens of a developing country and currently residing in that country. Click here for a list of developing countries

Emeritus/Retiree Membership
Please choose the membership appropriate for your income level. 
Join the International Biogeography Society or renew your membership.


Details of accommodation are at the venue page

Shared (double or triple), dormitory accommodation is available for reservation at registration.

There are a limited number of shared (two-bed) studio rooms available for post-docs and above (Institute rules) at INR 700 per night. This can also be booked at registration.

Single rooms are currently not being allocated, but if you are interested, do write to us. It may cost twice the single occupancy rates and will be allocated based on availability.

For accommodation outside campus, some are listed here at meta-search website Trivago, but do remember that Bengaluru has heavy traffic congestion during rush hours.  Google maps provides good estimates of travel times within Bengaluru.

Cancellation Policy

Refund of registration fees will be made if written notification of cancellation is sent to the organizing committee at contact[at]  The following deductions apply:

  • 90% refund if done prior to 00:00 IST on 15 August 2017
  • 75% refund if canceled between August 15 and September 15 (00:00 IST)
  • Refunds after September 15 are only given on a case by case basis if budget allows. Please contact us

Abstract Selection

Selected abstracts here!

The deadline for abstract submission is 7 May 2017 (Extended to 15 May)

Talks are determined by a committee (reviewed and rated) following the abstract submission deadline

Posters spaces are first-come, first-served (assuming topic is biogeography related)

Abstracts submitted for a talk but not chosen, will automatically be offered a poster space

Interested in South-Asian conservation?

Come a few days earlier and attend Student Conference in Conservation Science Bengaluru. This is the largest annual gathering of the Indian conservation community and is a very vibrant conference of about 400 youngsters in this field. This conference is held at the same venue as IBS India meeting and is held back-to-back to aid synergies. Early registration is USD 36 and includes all meals for four days.